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Episode 61: Thaw13: 90-132 [GTMMMM Megamix]

SL 61

Sonic Landscapes is very excited to release this week’s episode, a four hour megamix brought to you by Sonic Landscapes friend and [ir]regular, GTMMMM [the kid with the freaky Detroit beats hellbent on corrupting the youth like some kind of techno Charles Manson]. GTMMMM performed at our Party Function a few months back, tearing it up with this incredible set. When he offered to create an extended mix for the show, we jumped at the offer. So here it is, four hours of rhythm to punctuate the melting snow and emerging life…

GTMMMM writes of this mix:


As advertised, GTMMMM presents THAW85-130. Four hours of music to get you out of the winter. Mixed live. One edit, because the file was too big to export whole. This is actually good, however. Instead of rejoining the mp3s, I decided to split the mix at a sensible place. The first half of the mix is slow and gurgling, slowly moving from ambient music to blissed-out techno and the slightest hint of house. In the second half, things get a little weird, or rather, a little hard–straight-up 4×4 peak-hours techno, with a thawin’ twist or two.  

Each stands on its own, but I highly advise you to spend the next four hour block you’ve allotted to listening to music to listening to this thing! Or at least listen to the first part first. I think you’ll have fun.


Rick click links below to download onto your computer, or simply click to hear streaming.

Thaw13: 90-132 [GTMMMM Megamix for Sonic Landscapes] Pt. I

Thaw13: 90-132 [GTMMMM Megamix for Sonic Landscapes] Pt. II

The Playlist:

  1. Vessel–Stillborn Dub
  2. Liebe-Skin/GTMMMM–Forever Overhead
  3. Conforce–Elude
  4. Robert Hood–The Wheel
  5. BvDUB–I never cried a tear
  6. Radiance–iii (edit) — Basic Channel
  7. Claro Intelecto–Control 110.22
  8. Luke Hess–Incorruptible
  9. Levon Vincent–Late Night Jam
  10. Quadrant–Untitled iii
  11. Imax–Concorde
  12. Xhin–Insides (Perc Remix)
  13. Funkinevil–Night (Original Mix)
  14. Skudge–Phantom
  15. Mike Dehnert–Limite
  16. Transversable Wormhole–Exotic Matter
  17. Yan Cook–Raven
  18. Claro Intelecto–Quiet LIfe
  19. Voices From the Lake–Mika
  20. Christian Loffler ft. Mohna–Eleven
  21. Luke Hess–Overcome Feat. Jeff Hess
  22. Bleak–Sixteen Crude
  23. A601-2–River Place
  24. Audio Injection–Dimmer
  25. Moerbeck–Bump & Run
  26. Moerbeck–Pleasure to Burn
  27. Tim Hecker–In the AIR III
  28. Shed–Day After
  29. Marcel Fengler–Twisted Bleach
  30. Anthony Naples–Moscato B
  31. Shifted–Cold Light (Sektor A)
  32. Audi Injection–Darker
  33. Wax–Wax 20002A
  34. Objekt–Shuttered
  35. RadioNasty–I had to Spank You (Ben Sims Acid Mix)
  36. A Made up Sound–Ahead
  37. Duke Dumont–Underground Persistence (Original Mix)
  38. Josh Wink–Are You There? (New Mix)
  39. Head High–Rave (Dirt Mix)
  40. Rivet–Metrist
  41. Rivet–Metrist (Marcel Fengler Redefinition)
  42. 42    Ben Sims–Something (Original Mix)
  43. Magnus–Act Two (Truncate Remix)
  44. Lucy–Kalachakra (DVS1 Eyes Open Remix)
  45. Abstract Division–Fierce Tension
  46. Norman Nodge–NN 7.4
  47. Peter van Hoesen–Axis Mundi
  48. Silent Servant–Demonstration
  49. Adam X–Navigational Shortcut (original mix)
  50. Advanced Human–Satellite Club
  51. Robert Hood–Drive (The Age of Automation) (Phase Nocturnal Mix)
  52. Mick Finesse–Frolic
  53. Planetary Assault Systems–Om the Def
  54. A Made Up Sound–Take the Plunge (Beat Mix)
  55. ???? THAW
  56. ???? THAW
  57. ???? THAW

Don’t forget to spread the good word! This kid’s a DYNAMO!  Hear more music from GTMMMM at his soundcloud.

Preview to Thaw13: 90-132 [GTMMMM Megamix]

Sonic Landscapes and GTMMMM [known to many of you as one of the fly DJs who performed at our first Party Function back in October–you can hear that set here] are excited to announce that on 3.27.13 we will be dropping a four hour mega-mix that will be recorded live tomorrow evening.

GTMMMM writes of the mix:

I don’t know about you folks, but it’s been a long-ass winter for me, one a bit too full of melancholia, heartbreak, self-loathing/doubt, exhaustion, and all the other wonderful side-effects of the dark northern days. Which is not to say it’s all been bad either–as often as I’ve felt totally unable to get out of bed I’ve felt totally fucking charged, insane, inspired. And it’s not over yet. Even so, it’s about time for a change, a change I decided to soundtrack, a thaw.

So this Friday night, I’ll be recording a four-hour live set that’ll be a combination of DJing and live electronics totally running the gamut in terms of genre and feel. I’m modeling it loosely after the sorts of opening sets you might here at Berghain, my favorite club in Berlin, sets that start in the sludge of ambient and experimental music and an empty dance-floor and end with a thousand people sweating it out to cold, techno. This is a mix for getting ready, then getting psyched, then going out. A mix that I hope will surprise you. Enjoy the thaw.

People get ready, people get sweaty.

Here is a preview to the mix:

To hear more from GTMMMM, check out his SoundCloud:

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