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Month: March, 2013

Episode 60: Radical Sine [Mix]

Episode 60 GraphicSonic Landscapes is back after a weeklong break spent exploring the wonderful city of Istanbul–a place with fascinating sonic qualities, from the cosmic drone of the muezzin’s call to prayer to the heckling street vendors to three-legged cats fighting in the street outside our apartment.

We are now on the final leg of the academic year, a time to balance focus with enjoyment. This is a mix to help foment that equilibrium. It begins with a track from a newly ordained saint in the SL pantheon–Rick Ross–then moves into an hour of enchanting grime, minimal dub, and jungle from some of our favorite labels such as Berlin’s Hessle Audio, East London’s Tempa, and South London’s Hyperdub. These artists play with complex collaging and layering of bass to explore the less-traveled depths of the sonic spectrum, anchoring these explorations with captivating dub-inspired rhythms interwoven with surrealistic and alien vocal sampling. The mix starts off with some slower, hypnotic tracks from Burial, Blackwax, and Ramadanman, moving then to some faster and more upbeat grime and jungle from artists such as FaltyDL and Zomby.

This mix goes well with coffee, Bose headphones, Micron pens, and low light.

To listen to this episode, simply click on the link below to hear streaming or right click and choose “download linked file” to add to your iTunes…

Episode 60: Radical Sine

The Playlist:

1. Pirates – Rick Ross

2. Wind It Up [Inst.] – Mark Pritchard & Om’mas Keith

3. Distant Lights [Kode9 Remix] – Burial

4. Offkey – Blackwax

5. Drowning – Ramadanman

6. Zharp – LV & Okmalumkoolkat

7. Fat Larry’s Skank – Benny Ill, Kode9, & The Culprit

8. Night Hunter – Fist

9. Router – Pangaea

10. I Can’t Stop This Feeling [Pangaea Remix] – Untold and Pangaea

11. Phreqaflex – FaltyDL

12. Pillz – Zomby

13. Bad Dreams – SP:MC & Joker D

A NOTE FOR ALL ITHACANS: This Saturday a pretty amazing event is taking place at the Schwartz Center, called “DIY Electronics,” featuring performances by revolutionary electronic musicians and experimenters such as Silver Apples, Tonto’s Expanding Headband, and Electric Golem. Read more about the event here and spread the word!

Preview to Thaw13: 90-132 [GTMMMM Megamix]

Sonic Landscapes and GTMMMM [known to many of you as one of the fly DJs who performed at our first Party Function back in October–you can hear that set here] are excited to announce that on 3.27.13 we will be dropping a four hour mega-mix that will be recorded live tomorrow evening.

GTMMMM writes of the mix:

I don’t know about you folks, but it’s been a long-ass winter for me, one a bit too full of melancholia, heartbreak, self-loathing/doubt, exhaustion, and all the other wonderful side-effects of the dark northern days. Which is not to say it’s all been bad either–as often as I’ve felt totally unable to get out of bed I’ve felt totally fucking charged, insane, inspired. And it’s not over yet. Even so, it’s about time for a change, a change I decided to soundtrack, a thaw.

So this Friday night, I’ll be recording a four-hour live set that’ll be a combination of DJing and live electronics totally running the gamut in terms of genre and feel. I’m modeling it loosely after the sorts of opening sets you might here at Berghain, my favorite club in Berlin, sets that start in the sludge of ambient and experimental music and an empty dance-floor and end with a thousand people sweating it out to cold, techno. This is a mix for getting ready, then getting psyched, then going out. A mix that I hope will surprise you. Enjoy the thaw.

People get ready, people get sweaty.

Here is a preview to the mix:

To hear more from GTMMMM, check out his SoundCloud:

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