Episode LI: NYC [Guest Mix by Comrade Santi]

This week’s episode of Sonic Landscapes comes from Comrade Santi Slade. His selection of music is the culmination of a conversation we had regarding Hurricane Sandy. Santi says it best:

“Generally, I think the songs have a gritty optimism that is a good representation of the New York spirit. New Yorkers will always rise from the ashes of calamities on all scales; from just barely missing your morning subway to being hit with a huge storm or terrorist attack. This is reflected in the City’s diversity as well. The city understands that all individuals are struggling to make things better for themselves. So it’s hypocritical to hinder an entire group in that struggle by marginalizing them. New York accepts all obstacles as conquerable and all people as valuable.”

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Episode LI: NYC [Guest Mix by Comrade Santi]

The Playlist:

1. Juicy / New York, New York – The Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra

2. Beginning to See the Light – The Velvet Underground

3. Panic Berlin Fun – Sediment Club

4. Joanna – The Jamboree Sunday

5. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones

6. Kilojoules – Freelance Whales

7. Bass – Anything Orange

8. Someday – The Strokes

9. Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z

10. Bring Da Ruckus – Wu-Tang Clan

11. No Sleep Til Brooklyn – The Beastie Boys

12. Sailing by Night – Department of Eagles

13. Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes

14. The Fun Lovin’ Criminal – Fun Lovin’ Criminal

15. 60 Revolutions – Gogol Bordello

16. Ritual Union – Little Dragon

17. N.Y. State of Mind – Nas

18. The Incumbent – Soul Coughing

19. Prove It – Television

20. Antarctic Jungle – The BFGs [Santi’s band!]

To hear more from the local NYC bands featured on this show, point your browsers to the following links:

Sediment Club | Jamboree Sunday | The BFGs