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Episode L: 50 Episodes of the People’s Music


Today we release our 50th broadcast.

The People’s struggle for great music looks to the future and gives thanks to all who have spread the good word and good sound to over 35 countries over the past two years.

What do you hear today?

We hear liberation within the static, rhythm along the fault-lines where civilizations clash. Lounge music pulsating from a Tel Aviv café beneath a doomsday spectacle of rocket fire. The cosmic drone of the muezzin, keeping ancient cadence amidst the roar of modernity from Jerusalem to Cairo. Bouzouki twang, broken bottle ricocheting down bleak Athenian streets. In South Africa we hear the chanted demands of platinum miners as they endure police bullets and batons–hornets and bludgeons that rob them of 50 comrades.

Oftentimes, today’s song seems out of tune. Sonic Landscapes advises that we all listen more than we preach, tune each other in rather than block each other out, and celebrate the sounds of patience, compassion, and justice.

Sincerely in the struggle,


The subsequent four links take you to distinct sonic topographies represented by the corresponding images. Right click on link to download onto your computer, or simply click to listen streaming.

I. Lounge Ghost

II. Anti-Catatonia, 1990

III. Communique

IV. Finnegan’s Wake

Uncle Ho Says Thank You For Listening copy
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