Episode XLIX: Simon Says Dance

by zabranowicz

Follow the leader. One hour. Ten songs. Begins with smooth-soulful-funky tracks, then transitions into a bouncy-energetic-hard block of techno, industrial, so on until the apocalypse. As requested by St. Simon.

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Sonic Landscapes Ep. XLIX: Simon Says Dance

The Playlist:

1. Herb – Rondenion

2. Shadow and Construction – Kindimmer

3. Left Behind – Behling & Simpson

4. My Love Is Not Blind [Vocal] – Margaret Grace

5. Workout – L-VIS 1990

6. No Go – Ghosts on Tape

7. Motif [Actress #! Remix] – Teengirl Fantasy

8. Wake – Indigo

9. The Bells – Jeff Mills

10. Pop That P – Jon Convex