Two Essential Generative Music Apps for iPhone

by zabranowicz

1. Bloom

Developed by ambient music pioneer Brian Eno and software designer Peter Chilvers, Bloom is an addicting music generator that creates ethereal, dream-like  generative music. The user creates the original melody or sound pattern, which then loops, evolves, and transforms into a full-bodied ambient composition. Its softly meandering quality makes Bloom perfect to listen to while sinking into sleep.

2. Kling Klang Machine

Created by the electronic music godfathers of Kraftwerk, users of the “Kling Klang Machine” can alter, adjust, and mix an automated 24-hour algorithm-based melody. Depending on your timezone, which is registered on a world map interface, you will hear a different automated soundscape, which you can then manipulate using an array of control settings. The idea arises from the Kraftwerk mantra: “We play the machines and the machines play us.”