Party Function [feat. Erin_FM + Haarschnitt + GTMMM]

by zabranowicz

On [10.12.12] Sonic Landscapes hosted its first Party Function. Throughout the night three fantastic DJs [Erin_FM, Haarschnitt, and GTMMM] spun vinyl madness and made us all sweat profusely on the dance-floor. After a brief set of disco spun by our friend Lexi, Erin_FM kicked off the night with a dynamic set of house music. Next, Haarschnitt, whose guest mix / interview with us can be found here, spun his steamy brand of R&B-infused house, leading into GTMMMM [God Told Me to Make Machine Music], who capped off the evening with a high intensity set of detroit-style techno.

All three live sets were recorded on site in their entirety, and can be found below. To download the set to your computer, simply right click on the link and go to “download linked file” or simply listen streaming by clicking on the link.

Erin_FM’s set Erin_FM Live Set [10.12.12]

Haarschnitt’s set Haarschnitt Live Set [10.12.12]

GTMMMM’s set GTMMMM Live Set [10.12.12]

View some pictures from the Party Function below:

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To hear more from these artists, point your browser to the following links: [Erin_FM] [GTMMMM] [Haarschnitt]