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Month: October, 2012

Two Essential Generative Music Apps for iPhone

1. Bloom

Developed by ambient music pioneer Brian Eno and software designer Peter Chilvers, Bloom is an addicting music generator that creates ethereal, dream-like  generative music. The user creates the original melody or sound pattern, which then loops, evolves, and transforms into a full-bodied ambient composition. Its softly meandering quality makes Bloom perfect to listen to while sinking into sleep.

2. Kling Klang Machine

Created by the electronic music godfathers of Kraftwerk, users of the “Kling Klang Machine” can alter, adjust, and mix an automated 24-hour algorithm-based melody. Depending on your timezone, which is registered on a world map interface, you will hear a different automated soundscape, which you can then manipulate using an array of control settings. The idea arises from the Kraftwerk mantra: “We play the machines and the machines play us.”

Episode XLVII: The Ithaca File Pt. II [Extended Mix]

Found here is the next installment of our extended mix series, The Ithaca File. The Ithaca File will ultimately consist of four 5.5 hour mixes, and will constitute our definitive sonic manifesto of 2012-2013.

The first episode in the Ithaca File series was warm, coherent, and diverse–and can be found here.

The Ithaca File Pt. II is inhabited by electronic sounds, and tends to be more angular and mysterious–music for the city at night. It commences with a selection of revisionist dub and grime from S. London and elsewhere, then moves on to a block of dark, ambient, and industrial house, finally settling into a series of 1980’s Detroit techno tracks, with a few heavenly jams thrown in at the end.

Right click link below to download / Click on link to listen–be patient, as the file is large.

Ep. XLVII: The Ithaca File Pt. II

The Playlist:

[Vocal Sample]

1. CCTV (feat. Dandelion) – LV

2. Just Us – Shlohmo

3. One Ting (Dabrye Remix) – King Midas Sound

4. Nine Samurai – Kode9 & the Spaceape

5. U Star, Me Shuriken (Original Mix) – Dubagroova

6. Ball of Fire – The Orb feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry

7. Damn It – Horsepower Productions

8. Perpetual Dawn – The Orb

9. Money Honey – Pressure

10. Pro Plus (feat. D.O.K.) – Terror Danjah

11. Dirty Dutch – Funkystepz

12. Kaliko – Zomby

[Vocal Sample]

13. Den of Drumz – Kode9 vs. Badawi

14. Natty – DVA

15. Digidesign – Joker

16. Air & Lack Thereof – James Blake

17. Sultan’s Request – Flying Lotus

18. Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix) – Flying Lotus

19. Blood Witness – Regis

20. Voices No Bodies – T++

21. Deviant – Pangaea

22. Bad Wires – Andy Stott

23. You Know What I Feel – Kyle Hall

24. Mega Drive Generation – Martyn

[Vocal Sample]

25. Field – Mount Kimbie

26. 4 – Aphex Twin

27. House of Blue Leaves – Moby

28. Cactus – Objekt

29. Further – Autechre

30. Tour de France Etape 1 – Kraftwerk

31. Inductance – Fluxion

32. City of Fear – Andre Holland

33. Club Track – FIS

34. Vampire – Deadbeat

[Vocal Sample]

35. Gasoline – Mihalis Safras

36. Almost Made U – Haarschnitt

37. My Melody Hunts Revelry – Neil Landstrumm

38. Bendy Bass – VCMG

39. Elimination – UR

40. Superstylin’ (Fatboy Slim Mix)- Groove Armada

41. Jaguar (Original Mix) – DJ Rolando

42. Combustible – Blake Baxter

43. Whatever Happen To Peace – X-101

[Vocal Sample]

44. Black Moon Rising – Scan 7

45. The Charmer – Vintage Future

46. Future Acid – Alex Cortex

47. Liberation Radio – The Vision

48. Wavejumper – Drexciya

49. Free As You Wanna Be – The Shadow

50. Hammer of Thor – Riton (Roman Flugel Remix)

51. Afrogermanic – Chaos

52. Mind Of A Panther – Suburban Knight

53. Wet Look – Joy Orbison

54. Love Cry – Four Tet

55. Dvarg – Henik Jonsson & Joel Alter

56. Alive Alone – The Chemical Brothers

57. Mississippi Mutants – M.I.A.

58. I’m God – Clams Casino

[Vocal Sample]


Party Function [feat. Erin_FM + Haarschnitt + GTMMM]

On [10.12.12] Sonic Landscapes hosted its first Party Function. Throughout the night three fantastic DJs [Erin_FM, Haarschnitt, and GTMMM] spun vinyl madness and made us all sweat profusely on the dance-floor. After a brief set of disco spun by our friend Lexi, Erin_FM kicked off the night with a dynamic set of house music. Next, Haarschnitt, whose guest mix / interview with us can be found here, spun his steamy brand of R&B-infused house, leading into GTMMMM [God Told Me to Make Machine Music], who capped off the evening with a high intensity set of detroit-style techno.

All three live sets were recorded on site in their entirety, and can be found below. To download the set to your computer, simply right click on the link and go to “download linked file” or simply listen streaming by clicking on the link.

Erin_FM’s set Erin_FM Live Set [10.12.12]

Haarschnitt’s set Haarschnitt Live Set [10.12.12]

GTMMMM’s set GTMMMM Live Set [10.12.12]

View some pictures from the Party Function below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To hear more from these artists, point your browser to the following links: [Erin_FM] [GTMMMM] [Haarschnitt]

Cd poster
Party Announcement

Episode XLVI: New Wave (Guest Mix by Andy Pike)

Sonic Episode XLVI: New Wave (Guest Mix by Andy Pike)

(Right click on link above to download / Click on link to listen streaming)

This week on Sonic Landscapes, friend and music aficionado Andy Pike provides us with one hour of New Wave music, exhibiting this genre’s quirky interaction between punk rock, pop, electronic, and experimental sounds.

The Playlist:

1. Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order

2. Son of a Bitch – Bollocks Brothers

3. Passion of Lovers – Bauhaus

4. Happy House – Souxsie & The Banshees

5. Love Like Blood – Killing Joke

6. Primary – The Cure

7. The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

8. How Soon Is Now – The Smiths

9. I’m In Love With The German Film Star – The Passions

10. Electricity – OMD

11. Flesh – A Split Second

12. Money – Flying Lizards

13. Transmission – Joy Division

“He’s not strange, he just wants to live his life this way”

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