Episode XLV: Music of Islam

by zabranowicz

In response to the turmoil across the Middle East–from the persistent violence of the Arab-Israeli conflict, to the pervasive drone strikes, to the recent attack on the American embassy in Libya–Sonic Landscapes presents a one-hour mix of traditional music from across the Muslim world, a token of sonic diplomacy to those who value respectful interaction based on understanding, goodwill, and international brotherhood–those who in the words of President Barack Obama in his speech to the UN General Assembly this morning are “willing to embrace a better future.”

Episode XLV: Music of Islam

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The Playlist:

1. Ezan / Call to Prayer – Hafiz Huseyin Erek (Quran Recitation; Istanbul, Turkey)

2. Barhum Ya Barhum – Selim Seliman Ensemble (Religious; South Sinai Bedouins)

3. Ulad Mambara – Ahmet Bakbou (Gnawa Music; Morocco)

4. Eshbehayn – Abdelilah Azlas & Abdelkarim Doukhou (Al-Andalus traditional; Tetouan, Morocco)

5. Ish Ionak Ini – Mohammed Saleh Abd Al-Saheb Lelo (Arabian Peninsula traditional; Doha, Qatar)

6. Samra Ya Samra – Mamdouh El Gbaly (Classical; Cairo, Egypt)

7. Taba ‘An Liqa – Imam Ibrahim, Yahya Arouma (Traditional; Yemen)

8. Tasnif-E Esfahan – Agha-Ye Sadjadifard, Agha-Ye Sahihi & Agha-Ye Djamshidi (Traditional; Karaj, Iran)

9. Sem-I Ruhana Cismimi Pervane Dusurdum – Galata Mevlevi Music & Sema Ensemble (Mystic music; Turkey)

10. The Sema Ritual: Peshrev (Prelude; Makam Suzidilara) – Sultan Selim III (Mawlawiyah Music of the Whirling Dervishes; Turkey)