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Episode XLIII: Haarschnitt [Guest Mix + Conversation]

Sonic Landscapes Episode XLIII: Haarschnitt (Guest Mix / Conversation)

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This week Sonic Landscapes is excited to present an hour-long mix by Haarschnitt, the musical moniker of Chris Levesque, a producer, friend, fellow Cornell student, and general aficionado of international electronic music. Of this mix, Haarschnitt writes:

This mix crosses both generations and urban soundscapes. Some artists featured are veterans of Detroit techno who still bring their 909s and 303s to Berlin every summer–others, like myself, are American university students on the East Coast, studying in New York, Boston, and Philly. But there’s also a hint of Paris (which you’ll hear in the French Fries track) and South London UK Funky (via Genius). What it culminates to is a blend of four-on-the-floor and irregular rhythms, juxtaposed by places I’ve visited, clubs I’ve seen, and some of the heavier tracks I’ve heard so far this year. Spending my summer in Berlin (and auxiliary time in Paris, New York, and Chicago) certainly changed the way I thought about music–these places taught me that limiting electronic dance music to the club just can’t happen anymore–now, skateboarders listen to house music and frat boys rock out to Avicii et. al like it’s no big deal. This mix brings some of that new ideology in while cutting the bullshit out–a lot of it is a back-to-basics homage to the 1990s era of techno music, and on the other side you can hear some completely new ideas and sounds coming out of some entirely unexpected places. A new kind of rapport is happening between the new and the old of electronic dance music–and it’s really, really exciting.”

The episode features a brief conversation with the producer presented before the hour-long mix.

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The Playlist:

(Introduction: “Almost Made U” by Haarschnitt)

1. Gas Up – Shed [50Weapons, 2012]

2. Backswipe – Tony Quattro (Lean Low Remix) [Bad Taste Records, 2012]

3. One House – Lokiboi (Tanka Remix) [Self-released, 2012]

4. Captcha – Ghostek [#Unknown, 2012]

5. Charlotte (Canblaster Remix) – French Fries [YounGunZ, 2011]

6. Grenzallee – Haarschnitt (*) [Self-released, 2012]

7. Waiting – Genius [Kronik, 1998]

8. Hindsight – George Fitzgerald [Aus Music, 2012]

9. Below (Boddika Acid Refix) – Skudge [Self-released, 2012]

10. Energizer – Blake Baxter [Tresor, 1996]

11. Big Gulp (Doctor Jeep Remix) – Wheez-ie [Freshmore, 2012]

12. Locked – Zimbra Sound [Yarn Audio, 2012]

13. Show Me – Kowton [Naked Lunch, 2011]

14. Instant – Joey Beltram [Tresor, 1996]

15. Terrell – Medlar (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle) [Wolf Music, 2011]

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