Episode XXXVII: Minimalism (A Mix by Jonathan Eckhaus)

Episode XXXVII: Minimalism (Guest Mix by Jonathan Eckhaus)

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Spring has arrived in Ithaca.

The ground is thawed, the trees vibrantly green, and a perfume of rebirth pervades the air. Spring cleaning is also upon us. It is a time for trimming unnecessary elements from our lives and clarifying those things which are most essential. While the promise of summer evokes a sense of a grand opening, like the flowers that bloom all around us, it is also a time a return to simplicity. Without the constant influx of obligations to clutter our to-do lists, spring is a perfect time to foster a more intrinsically derived focus on the simple beauty and truth of the natural world.

Jonathan Eckhaus, a fellow Cornell student studying auditory perception and sound design, curated and designed this week’s program to honor the simplicity and intrinsic focus that Springtime heralds. This mix is perfect for studying in the library, relaxing on a warm night, driving around in the late-day sun, or meditating.

Note: To download this mix, right click on the link at the top of the post and choose “download linked file.” It should begin downloading to your desktop or downloads folder immediately. 

The Playlist:

1. …Is – Time / Being

2. I Guess I’m Floating – M83

3. Zeotrope – Boards of Canda

4. Hype Man – Cepia

5. Chinatown – Do Make Say Think

6. It Was Beautiful – Billions and Billions

7. Lovely – Low Self Esteem

8. Umbrella – Midwest Product

9. Fun For Free – The Mighty Weather

10. Untitled – Slug A

11. Fahrenheit Fair Enough – Telefon Tel Aviv

12. Sweet Love for Planet Earth – Fuck Buttons

13. Recently In the Sahara – ISAN

14. Burning Homes – Monowolfe

15. April (Remix) + Anna Livia Plurabelle (Finnegan’s Wake) – Oval vs. Yoshihiro Hanno, James Joyce

16. Run – Air