Episode XXXVI: Music for a City

by zabranowicz

Episode XXXVI: Music for a City (Click on link to hear the episode)

This week, I asked you the following question:

What song best describes your city, or a city you have visited? What sonically inspires you to think about the movement, architecture, and energy of a metropolis?

We got a fantastic array of responses, from San Francisco to Berlin. This week’s episode explores some of these urban-tinged songs–think of it as sonic tourism. Of course, we couldn’t fit all of the suggestions on the show, but you can access the entirety of the responses at the Sonic Landscapes Facebook group.

The playlist:

1. Insight – Joy Division

2. Shell of Light – Burial

3. Cities – Talking Heads

4. The Ice Dance – Bachelors of Science

5. The Sprawl – Sonic Youth

6. Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

7. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) – Simon & Garfunkel

8. Wildfire – SBTRKT

9. Schwarz Zu Blau – Peter Fox

10. Trompa – Lizzara & Tatsch

11. What Makes Y’all Think – Ivan the Great

12. Envision (Ame Remix) – Osulande

13. Marathon (Peter Dundov Remix) – Namito

14. Gypsy Part of Town – Gogol Bordello

15. Wild West End – Dire Straits

16. The Guns of Brixton – The Clash

17. Cha Cha – Balkan Beat Box

18. Chicago – Sufjan Stevens

19. Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen

Thank you to all who contributed music!