Guest Mix: DJ Saggy Titties Presents…

(Click link to play episode) –>¬†Episode 35: DJ Saggy Titties Presents…

With a name like DJ Saggy Titties, you’d better have a nice push-up bra.

Alas, nobody ever told Kimberly Hu that. Hu’s music undoubtedly “lets it all hang out.” Any passerby who has experienced her eclectic and aggressive taste for house, dubstep, hip-hop, and outer-sound are reminded of the fact that what you hear on the radio or in the club is but a mere peek into the cavernous and bizarre world of ¬†electronic music. Kim’s selections are humbling in that way, reminding us of the vast sonic horizons which cutting edge music production technology can reveal.

She embodies the true spirit of music collection, going on daily excavations into the crypt of the internet, combing through youtube, Beatport, and her huge list of favorite music blogs in order to constantly appease “the greedy music-demon that lives in [her] inner ear.” Her words. On a recent trip to European States on official “party business” our music-demons got to know each other a little better, and I suggested she come on the program to let that little demon dance like the creepy Indian midget from “Twin Peaks.”

It is always a treat and a pleasure touching base (or BASS) with DJ Saggy Titties regarding her recent acquisitions. She is a model of the musical socialism made alarmingly easy by the internet. Her willingness to share is rivaled only by her eagerness to receive. Tonight on Sonic Landscapes, DJ Saggy Titties opens up her maternal arms to you, the listener, and invites you to come with her on a journey rivaled only by that made by Hannibal crossing the Alps with elephants in 218 BC.

Without further adieu, DJ Saggy Titties.

The playlist:

1. Shotgun – Zedd

2. Dubbelfrisss (Artistic Raw Remix) – Alvaro and Afro Bro’s

3. Bass! ft. Disco Unit (Original Mix) – Bass N Whomps

4. Clifton (Original Mix) – Bassjackers

5. Can U Feel the Bass – Benny Benassi

6. Lyposuct (Original) – D.I.M. & TAI

7. Make You Pop (Trumpdisco Remix) – Diplo

8. Be Strong (The Loops of Fury Mix) – Elite Force

9. More Than Friends (Congorock Remix) – Fukkk Offf

10. Bazinga – Kenneth G

11. Generation Noise (Afrojack Remix) – Laidback Luke

12. Atom – Nari & Milani

13. Are You Ready – Pakito

14. Breathe (Original Mix) – What So? Not

15. Across the Light (PeaceTreaty Remix) – Swanky Tunes