Welcome to the new Sonic Landscapes

by zabranowicz

Sonic Landscapes was conceived of in September of 2010 at Cornell University with the simple goal of creating a public platform for sonic and musical exploration. Since our beginnings, the program has produced and released over 30 episodes, in which we have examined everything from bluegrass to black metal, classical to Dutch house, experimental sound art to hip-hop.

The program seeks out music with dimensional character, music that conjures distinct imagery or texture, shifts the listener’s perception of time, or captivates us to reconsider reality. We believe that sound has the immense power to do all of these things and more. As technology in both the creation and reception of sound advances and evolves, so does the potential for creating new and fascinating music and art.

Over the past few weeks, Sonic Landscapes has been underground regrouping and plotting its re-entry into the vast cyber universe. The time for reformation and independence was far past due, and as you will see some significant changes have been made in terms of our platform and presence.

The show will no longer broadcast from Cornell’s Slope Media Group, as we have severed ties with this organization and declared our independence as a sovereign broadcasting entity. Episodes will be posted weekly at 22:00 to this webpage. Members of the Sonic Landscapes Facebook group will be notified of these postings. If you have yet to join the group, please do so, and spread the word to any music lovers that you think might enjoy the program. Members will receive only one message per week with a link to the most recent episode.

The whole episode archive is available on this site. You can download the episodes as an mp3 by right clicking on the episode link and selection “download linked item” or “item.”

There is much to explore in the world of sound! If there is anything you would like to hear discussed on the show, or if you are interested in contributing a guest interview, please contact us at soniclandscapes1@gmail.com.

Enjoy and spread the word!